This is a series of handmade mini-comics produced during 2005 - 2010.

The story follows the symbiotic friendship of a melancholy bird named Yak and a slightly depressed bunny named Scissors. 

Both Naps and Days tell their story through a combination of vellum overlays and painted backgrounds. They are a bit hard to describe (really better seen in person) so please take a look at the photos.

Found tells two stories simultaneously. The story of Yak starts at one end of the book, the story of Scissors starts at the other (thus making half of the book images upside down). The two tales intersect in the middle. 

Places to Look if You Have Mislaid Your Ear shows us the many unexpected places one might find a missing appendage. Handy information if you are prone to losing your ear. Also, it's “kid-friendly”.

Snowsville takes us on a little odyssey into the mind of Scissors the Bunny. The book is what I call "scrapbook style" (or mixed media if you want to be fancy), the layers and textures are an important part of the journey.

© 2010 birdenvy | karen knighton.   all rights reserved.

I have a slight infatuation with paper goods. This has led to my two newest ventures; a desk calendar and a set of animal themed notecards.

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